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About us

TRIEU NGUYEN STONE is a professional manufacturer & exporter of marble and stone products in the Centre of Vietnam since 1990.

Our staff are all well-trained and professional for order processing, quality inspection, packing, loading and transportation.

The popular commodities we supply mainly are decorative or relevant commodities, such as: classic & modern art statuary, vases, lanterns, benches, angels, Virgin Mary, Christ, fountains, etc.

We not only supply products to wholesalers and retailers shops, but also supply directly to individual customers. It’s more easy and convenient for individual customer to purchase directly now. It is our honor to provide our good quality commodities to individual clients. You can select the design you like from our website, or send your own design with picture or drawing for our custom production. Since we have supplied a lot of products to individual customers, we have some experience for service to individual customers. You may not familiar with marble & stone products, you may purchase overseas first time and not know about the process, please feel free to contact us for any enquiries or questions. It’s our pleasure to offer any useful information to you.

Our marble is handcarved in pure white marble from the quarries of cnetral Vietnam. We recreate the most significant marbles of the past, it is reproduction, but as the originals can never be owned, because they are priceless icons in the world’s great museums.

But TRIEU NGUYEN STONE makes it possible for these works of art to be in the possession of a family or corporation in any size. Because they are in exactly the same form, and produced by the same time consuming methods of the chisel and hand polishing. Classical recreations in marble in particular and your own design or photograph are available from TRIEU NGUYEN STONE, to a quality as in museums. Just CHOOSE what you hunt for, place an ORDER to us, GET what you wish to had.


At TRIEU NGUYEN STONE, we guarantee you will be pleased with the highest quality of your works. Now, sit back and enjoy. We look forward to helping you find and buy the right master pieces that will give you pleasure for many years to come.

There are hundreds of pictures of our products on this site: DANANGMARBLE.COM.VN. Please look at them and choose whatever you like.


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Support Online

Support Online
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